About Us

The Calgary Rivers Users Alliance (CRUA) was formed to improve recreational, non-motorized boating access to the Bow and Elbow Rivers in Calgary.

CRUA’s General Goals:

  • To represent the interests of all boaters using the rivers of Calgary, including anglers and paddlers.
  • To improve non-motorized recreational boating access to the rivers of Calgary.
  • To improve working relations with City of Calgary departments, specifically Fire, Police, and Parks Departments.
  • To educate City Councillors and City Departments about the importance of river recreation in Calgary and its value to the local economy.
  • To work towards an overall River Management Plan.
  • To clarify the intent of the City’s “Parks & Pathways Bylaw” 20M2003 as it relates to river access.

Position Statement:

CRUA Position Statement – Nov 2019

The founding members in 2016:

From a focus on improvements to river access within Calgary, CRUA has expanded stakeholder commitment to a broader Bow River Recreational Management initiative.

The following diagram details the extent of CRUA engagement directive.