Angling Restrictions on Southern Alberta’s Rivers

Angling Restrictions on Southern Alberta’s Rivers

After considerable engagement and debate within the fishing community, the Government of Alberta has installed Time-of-Day Angling Restrictions  to the Bow River and other southern Alberta rivers when high temperatures and low water flows put the survival of the fish population at risk. The Alberta Environment & Parks decision to impose Time-of-Day angling restrictions is based on data collected across southern Alberta’s trout fishery and engagement with the fishing community:

During the 2022-23 Sportfishing Regulation Engagement, feedback was collected on restrictions to angling during low flows and high temperature events. After considering feedback provided from Albertans, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) has developed a flexible approach to protect fish during periods of lows flows and high temperatures by creating a time of day angling restriction.

A time of day angling restriction is when angling is not permitted from 2:00 PM to midnight (14:00 to 24:00) at specified locations.

Throughout the late spring and summer 2022, AEP will be monitoring the Bow River, and if flow and temperature thresholds are exceeded, a time of day angling restriction will be implemented for a minimum of two weeks.

This restriction will be put in place for:

    • all trout rivers and streams (flowing waters) in fisheries management zone ES1, including the Bow River downstream of Banff National Park to Bassano Dam (including this reservoir)
    • St. Mary’s River mainstem (including tributaries) below the St. Mary’s Reservoir in fisheries management zone PP1

More information on the Bow River Fishery can be found on the CRUA Bow River Fishery Web Page