Bow River Flow Forecasts – Fall 2020

Bow River Flow Forecasts – Fall 2020

Please be aware that the sluicegates at Harvie Passage that divert water into the Western Irrigation District cannel will be open on October 30, 2020. This will drop the water level immediately upstream of the Harvie Passage Low Water Channel and make it impassable to navigate with a boat through the remainder of the fall. The sluicegates will be lowered again in April of 2021.

Bow River flow release forecasts from Ghost and Bearpaw reservoirs are reported by TransAlta to the river user community from April to October. CRUA will post this data on the website each Friday and more frequently if condition warrant. The flow forecasts are a predicted daily average flow and are governed by upstream supply. During the course of the day flows can fluctuate to meet the daily predictions and demands.

Stable Bow River flows usually are in place by the middle of July, but can see an unpredicted rise with local storms and high rainfall.


More information on the Bow River’s water management policy can be found at the following page:

Bow River Flows