Calgary’s Fish Habitat Compensation Program

The City of Calgary Fish Habitat Compensation Program (FHCP) is unique in so far as the sites selected for the fish compensation initiative are spread across the entire City of Calgary Bow River and the Elbow River watersheds. In addition, the sites are located above and below the Western Irrigation District Weir–Harvie Passage (HP) and […]

The Bow River Fish Rescue – What is the Impact on the Sport Fishery?

Every year, the irrigation canals located throughout southern Alberta are shut off in October that results in the stranding of any fish which entered the canals during the irrigation season. As the canals drain and what little water remains freezes, and fish would die if not rescued by groups of concerned volunteers. Trout Unlimited Canada, […]

More Government Oversight Needed to Protect River Recreation Users

Is the Bow River a safe place for recreational activities? Generally, the answer is yes, but on July 21, 2023, a failure of the Ghost Hydroelectric Plant may change your mind! The power plant was knocked offline by a lightning strike, and water flowing through the turbines dropped to almost zero. When the power was […]

Harvie Passage Facility Enhancement Plan – The First Step

The Harvie Passage Facility Enhancement Plan (HPFEP) that is going to the Calgary’s Community Development Committee Meeting, for approval on Wednesday June 28, 2023. And once approved will be presented to Calgary City Council for approval in July. The Task Force that was put in place to develop the HPFEP in the fall of 2021 […]

The Calgary River Valleys Project.

Calgary’s river valleys are essential to our city—they’re at the core of our city’s identity and its appeal as a place to live, play and do business. The City is planning for the future of our river valleys through the Calgary River Valleys Project. The purpose of the project is to guide how we plan, […]

Lower Bow River – A Vision for the Future

Calgary River Users Alliance (CRUA) is reaching out to river user to assist with the development of a strategy for the future of the Bow River Basin’s recreational river use. The CRUA position is to advocate for regional river access improvements and to work closely with our membership organization who have a vested interest in […]