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River Access Proposal Below Carseland Weir

  Recreational river use has expanded in recent years with the Bow River downstream of Calgary to Carseland having some of the highest concentration of riverboats in Alberta. As riverboat use increased, the world-renowned trout fishery has declined. Just what the increased river use has had on the trout population is open to debate, but […]

The Bow River Declining Trout Population is Finally Getting the Attention It Deserves.

The Bow River is a world-renowned trout sports fishery that is under considerable threat from the human population growth in the region, the ever-increasing demand for outdoor recreational pursuits, environmental changes, and degradation of aquatic and riparian habitat. Fishery managers have monitored the Bow River for more than 30 years, and in this time, it […]

Bow River Flow Forecasts – Spring 2021

Please be aware that the sluicegates at Harvie Passage that divert water into the Western Irrigation District cannel will be open on October 30, 2020. This will drop the water level immediately upstream of the Harvie Passage Low Water Channel and make it impassable to navigate with a boat through the remainder of the fall. […]

The City of Calgary Fish Habitat Enhancement Program – Update Fall 2020

Calgary’s Fish Habitat Enhancement Program – Update Fall 2020 Introduction: Following the 2013 flood, The City of Calgary undertook several projects to repair and reinforce riverbanks along the Bow and Elbow Rivers. These projects helped protect critical City infrastructure but had adverse effects on fish and sensitive fish habitat. With support from both The Government […]

The Bow River Water Management Policy and the Impact on the Fishery

Calgary River Users Alliance (CRUA) directors met with the Alberta Environment & Park (AEP) senior water and fishery management group in September 2020 with regards to Alberta’s water management policies and the impact on the Bow River fishery. In particular, the existing and proposed water management directives within the Bow River Basin to enhance flood […]

Harvie Passage – Roadway Access Needs Resolution.

  Calgary River Users Alliance (CRUA) has been in negotiation with both Calgary Parks Department  and Alberta Environment and Parks since Harvie Passage was completed in 2018 to find a solution to improved riverbank access. Since the project’s inception 20 years ago vehicle access and parking assignments have been considered fundamental to recreational use of the […]