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The Bow River – A River Recreation Plan is Needed

  A year ago the  AEP-CRUA Joint Technical Liaison Group was convened to address our concerns about the impact of the Bow River water management policy on a declining trout population. We believe the group discussions and outcome have been successful, with a better understanding of the many variables that impact the scope of our […]

Bow River Reservoir Options – A Rethink is Needed

BOW RIVER RESERVOIR OPTIONS The original Bow Basin Water Management Objectives were limited to water management to reduce the risk of flooding to the City of Calgary and ease drought concerns in Alberta irrigation districts. Although it is understood that environmental concerns were asked to be included in the objective, little to no consideration was […]

Bow River Trout Population Decline – What Does It Mean

The Bow River trout fishery has been under pressure in recent years. The ever increasing demand for outdoor recreational pursuits, environmental changes, and degradation of aquatic and riparian habitat has contributed significantly to trout population declines. The Bow River fish population has been monitored  for more than 30 years, and up until 2003, the fishery […]

Bow River Access Upgrades Needed.

  The Bow River, in and downstream of Calgary is not readily accessible for recreational river use due to considerable private ownership of the adjacent land. The City of Calgary’s River Access Strategy  (CRAS) and the Government of Alberta’s Bow River Access Plan (BRAP) have addressed these concerns with commitments to improve existing river access […]

River Access Proposal Below Carseland Weir

  Recreational river use has expanded in recent years with the Bow River downstream of Calgary to Carseland having some of the highest concentration of riverboats in Alberta. As riverboat use increased, the world-renowned trout fishery has declined. Just what the increased river use has had on the trout population is open to debate, but […]

The Bow River Declining Trout Population is Finally Getting the Attention It Deserves.

The Bow River is a world-renowned trout sports fishery that is under considerable threat from the human population growth in the region, the ever-increasing demand for outdoor recreational pursuits, environmental changes, and degradation of aquatic and riparian habitat. Fishery managers have monitored the Bow River for more than 30 years, and in this time, it […]