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Calgary Fire Department Budget Cuts – Open Letter to Calgary City Councillors

Calgary Fire Department – Budget Cuts Proposal Dear Calgary City Councillor: The City of Calgary Council has directed City Administration to reduce operational budgets to alleviate the 2019/20 city tax burden. It has been suggested that the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) find ways to reduce its operational budget by $9 million. As an essential service […]

West Baker Park – River Access Closure

West Baker Park, Calgary River Access Strategy Development Site will undergo a complete makeover this summer. The very popular hand launch site will be closed from late July to October 2019 to accommodate for instream work and upgrades to river access. Calgarians will not be able to access the boat launch and portions of the […]

Graves Bridge – Temporary River Access

The Heritage Drive SE Flood Barrier Project is under construction. Details of the project  can be found at: The City of Calgary consulted with river users to develop a plan to retain public access to the Bow River during construction. The following is the latest update: The purpose of the project is to ensure […]

St Patrick’s Island Boat Ramp Opened

Calgary River Users’ Alliance has negotiated an agreement with the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation to improve Bow River access at St. Patrick’s Island. St. Patrick’s Island Boat Ramp is perfectly positioned to offer river users a takeout point above Harvie Passage. Although canoeists and rafters have always been able to use St. Patrick’s Island and […]

Ricardo Ranch Area Structure Plan – A Proposal for a New River Access Site

RICARDO RANCH AREA STRUCTURE PLAN The Ricardo Ranch Area Structure Plan provides a vision and framework for the future development of approximately 635 hectares (1,570 acres) of land in southeast Calgary. The lands in the Plan are bound by the community of Seton to the north, Deerfoot Trail S.E. to the west, the Bow River […]

St Patrick’s Island – An Opportunity to Improve River Access

Background: With Calgary Municipal Land Corporation’s (CMLC) redevelopment of St. Patrick’s Island completed in July 2015 inner city residents and visitors were given a 31-acre recreational area in the heart of the City of Calgary that allowed for adventure, escape and relaxation from the pressure of inner city living. A once neglected island was transformed […]