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Bow River Access Update – March 2019

As we move into the spring, river users will hopefully see new and updated boat ramp developments taking place within and downstream of Calgary. The City will probably be undertaking the following projects this year as a part of the Calgary River Access Strategy: the improved boat ramp facility at West Baker Park for all types […]

Bow River Boathouse Proposal

The Alberta Whitewater Association has been working behind the scenes to bring all the paddling groups and other river users together to look at the services, facilities and infrastructure that is needed at Harvie Passage in Calgary. AWA have drafted this Boathouse Concept Proposal  which we are taking to the City of Calgary and the Province […]

Shouldice Highway Bridge Boat Ramp Reopened

Shouldice Highway Bridge – At CRUA’s request, the City finally reopened the informal boat ramp under this bridge in the summer.  It can be used for launching all types of boats and rafts, including fishing boats.


We wanted to give you the latest news on the boat ramps that The City agreed in 2016 to improve.     They are planning on improving 4 existing boat ramps and installing 3 new boat ramps on the Bow River over the next few years.  Check the map on this website for locations. Boat trailers […]


City Council has agreed to improve 6 existing hand launches on the Bow and Elbow Rivers in Calgary and install 4 new launches.  Check the map on this website for locations. The City plans on installing riverbank signs for these sites in 2018, but unfortunately they are not planning on installing street signs so far. […]


The City plans on installing riverbank signs to guide people to some boat launches, but unfortunately they are not planning on installing road signs so far. RIVERBANK SIGNS: The City has agreed to install a series of riverbank signs in 2018 to identify some of the launches.  See below and feature image for examples of the signs […]