Lower Bow River – A Vision for the Future

Lower Bow River – A Vision for the Future

Calgary River Users Alliance (CRUA) is reaching out to river user to assist with the development of a strategy for the future of the Bow River Basin’s recreational river use.

The CRUA position is to advocate for regional river access improvements and to work closely with our membership organization who have a vested interest in specific sites to meet this goal.  It takes considerable time on the part of all stakeholders to ultimately get a successful outcome. We need your help to develop A Vision for the Lower Bow River

In the past year CRUA had success in developing the Harvie Passage Task Force and have laid the groundwork for a river access strategy for the Upper Bow River from Ghost to Bearspaw Reservoirs. Both projects have been headed up by Alberta Whitewater Association, under the umbrella of CRUA.

The Lower Bow River needs the same focus, and we believe there are anglers and paddlers who could contribute to this project. We need your help to make it happen.

Please contact us at for additional information as to how you can help.