Boat Ramp and Hand Launches in Calgary

The Calgary River Access Strategy promised river users two new boat ramps at Inglewood and Ogden Bridge, improvements at West Baker Park and Graves Bridge, and improved access at Sunnyside. Once these Priority Access Points are completed, river users would be able to float the entire lower Bow River from West Baker Park in northwest Calgary downstream to Carseland to the east of the city.

West Baker Park and Ogden Bridge river access  upgrades are complete.  In addition, Shouldice Park and St. Patrick’s Island are open to trailered-boat access. The development of the Sunnyside Hand Launch was completed in 2021. It is also hoped that vehicle access closer to Harvie Passage will also come online in the future.

Go to the  Calgary River Access Website for the most current river recreational information. River Float Times time between river access sites is also useful information to have when planning trips. Be respectful of other river users. The  Boat Ramp Etiquette   video is a reminder of river access site behavior.

The following Google map shows the existing and the future river access points on the Bow and Elbow River. Click on the white box at the top right to expand the map.