Boat Ramp and Hand Launches in Calgary

The Calgary River Access Strategy promised river users two new boat ramps at Inglewood and Ogden Bridge, improvements at West Baker Park and Graves Bridge, and improved access at Sunnyside. Once these Priority Access Points are completed, river users would be able to float the entire lower Bow River from West Baker Park in northwest Calgary downstream to Carseland to the east of the city.

Unfortunately, there has been delays in construction, but as of the Spring of 2020, West Baker Park upgrades are complete and development of the new Ogden Bridge river access site will start in the summer. In addition, Shouldice Park and St. Patrick’s Island are open to trailered-boat access. It is also hoped that vehicle access closer to Harvie Passage will also come online in the future. The development of the Sunnyside has been put on hold pending development of a new flood barrier along Memorial Drive..

Go to the  Calgary River Access Website for updated information. 

The following Google map shows the existing and the future river access points on the Bow and Elbow River. Click on the white box at the top right to expand the map.


CRUA Calgary River Access Map

River Access Map Legend:

 Hand Launch Boat Ramps – A total of 4 boat ramps that are assigned to only Emergency Services vehicle use. They are available only as hand launch sites until upgrades are complete.

 Existing Boat Ramps – There are currently 6 boat ramps that can be accessed by vehicles

 Priority Boat Ramp Development – Calgary’s River Access Strategy has proposed 3 new boat ramps for completion within 3 years.

 Future Boat Ramps – Four sites have been identified for future development.

 Bow River Hand Launches – These sites are accessible from road parking or parking lots. Local amenities are listed on the site photo

 Elbow River Hand Launches – Very  popular for float tubing. Road side parking and parking lots are limited at some sites.

 Glenmore Reservoir Ramps – Glenmore Reservoir is a centre of rowing, sailing and paddlers activities.

 The Wave – The 10th Street NW Bridge has waves that are used by the local river surfing community

 Conservation Areas – There are 2 wildlife conservation reserves on the Bow at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Poplar Island Wildlife Reserve. Access to these sites from the river is prohibited.

Float times between all Calgary river access sites is available at the following link:

River Float Times

It is also important to be considerate of other river users:

 Boat Ramp Etiquette



Harvie Passage was reopened to the public in the summer of 2018.

The following link will describe all features. Harvie Passage Arial View