St Patrick’s Island Boat Ramp Opened

St Patrick’s Island Boat Ramp Opened

Calgary River Users’ Alliance has negotiated an agreement with the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation to improve Bow River access at St. Patrick’s Island.

St. Patrick’s Island Boat Ramp is perfectly positioned to offer river users a takeout point above Harvie Passage. Although canoeists and rafters have always been able to use St. Patrick’s Island and other hand launch sites upstream, a boat ramp has not been available for larger trailered recreation river craft.

Now it will be possible for the drift boat fishing community and large paddle craft to float the inner city reach of the Bow River.  Vehicles will be able to use the boat ramp to drive their trailers down to the Cove Lagoon.


Currently assigned truck-trailer parking is not available. For those individuals who use only a truck to ferry their boats or rafts to and from St. Patrick’s Island, the adjacent Zoo Parking Lot 8302 can be used.

For trailered-boat users there will be the challenge as to where to park vehicles while floating down the river to St Patrick’s Island.  It is recommended that vehicles be parked at Shouldice Park Boat Ramp until close to the time of take-out at St. Patrick’s Island. And if the boat is launched at St. Patrick’s Island the vehicle could be shuttled almost immediately downstream to a take-out site.

There is also street permit parking in Inglewood on the 1200 block of 8th Ave SW in Zone 5295 or free two-hour parking further west on the same road from Monday to Friday between 7 AM and 5 PM. Although not as convenient as the zoo parking lot, the 10-minute walk is manageable.   


On behalf of the recreational river user community, Calgary River Users’ Alliance  wished to thank the support from within our ranks that made the project happen and to the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation for securing the funds needed to complete the project. 

June 13, 2019