Harvie Passage


Harvie Passage Whitewater Park


Harvie Passage Whitewater Park is a 42 acre sports facility located in the heart of Inglewood, Calgary. Harvie 2.0 was opened in 2018 following an extensive post-flood rebuild. Many improvements have made the facility one of Calgary’s top multi-sports facilities. Canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, rafting, drift boating and floating are all activities that can be done safely (with some preparation) at the facility.


  • Always wear a PDF or lifejacket
  • Helmets are recommended (the concrete is hard)
  • Footwear is recommended (the concrete is rough)
  • Education is key – take a course! Kayak Clubs in Calgary
  • Throw rope, whistle & bailing device are mandated by Transport Canada
  • When in doubt, scout first
  • Being on the river is recommended for strong swimmers only. The waves, currents and cold water require a new set of skills.

Harvie Flyover w City


  • Canoe/Kayak Recreation – Float down, eddy hop, surf a wave, enjoy a sunset on the river after a long day at work.
  • Slalom Canoe/Kayak – Olympic – Navigate around the red or green poles as fast as you can. The slalom course was built by Alberta Slalom Canoe Kayak.
  • Freestyle Canoe/Kayak – Use the whitewater features (waves/holes) to surf and do tricks
  • SUP – Challenge yourself. How long can you stand on your board? Can you follow one of the kayaks around?
  • Surfing – At certain water levels some of the waves are surfable. Get comfortable paddling in whitewater before you head out to the Mountain Wave at the Kananaskis.
  • Drift Boat – The right channel allows for passage from the City section of the Bow, to the lower Bow. Watch out for the s-bend at drop 4.
  • Rafting/Floating – Get wet and have fun. Float down the right channel on a hot day to cool off.


Harvie Slalom Kids



Right (South) Low Water Channel

    • Class 2 whitewater
    • The right channel is where 95% of people will participate
    • Pool-drop features on the top and bottom, with a meandering middle section
    • Accessible features includes a ramp mid-way and a boat ramp at the bottom

Left (North) High Water Channel

    • High volume Class 3+ whitewater
    • Not recommended except for experienced, prepared, whitewater paddlers


  • No change rooms or direct launch access at this time
  • Seasonal washroom located in Pearce Estate Park and seasonal portable toilets near the course


  • Float downstream from the City
  • Park and walk in ~500m from Pearce Estate Park parking lot
Harvie Passage with rafts