Harvie Passage Facility Enhancement Plan – The First Step

Harvie Passage Facility Enhancement Plan – The First Step

The Harvie Passage Facility Enhancement Plan (HPFEP) that is going to the Calgary’s Community Development Committee Meeting, for approval on Wednesday June 28, 2023. And once approved will be presented to Calgary City Council for approval in July. The Task Force that was put in place to develop the HPFEP in the fall of 2021 and has met 10 times since then. CRUA and Alberta Whitewater Association (AWA) provided the bulk of the river user related recommendations, and we are happy to see the City of Calgary putting $900k towards the first steps in development, or the quick win items. Long term pressure will need to continue in order to see other pieces happen that will ultimately determine the overall success of the facility.

The following link, Task Force Presentation is a 10-page document that summarizes the HPFEP and will be presented to the Community Development Committee. In addition, the link to the Facility Enhancement Plan is a 70-page document details the full scope of the proposed future developments.

Michael Holroyd, Executive Director, AWA will speak to the Community Development Committe in support of the plan, the quick wins budget, ongoing safety needs, and the perseverance required by the City of Calgary to see the full plan through to fruition.

We are close to being able to install at Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Lending Station at Harvie Passage, with just a few more regulatory hoops to jump through. Our goal is to have PFDs available to the public in the coming weeks, as well as an AED on-site.

CRUA is thankful to Michael, Mark Taylor, and Peter Crowe-Swords for the leadership and dedication to this project, as well as all those within the river user community who have been part of the Harvie Passage Whitewater Park saga since 2000.