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The Economic Importance of the Bow River Fishery – Update 2022

The economic importance of outdoor recreation has grown in recent years. The Bow River offers Calgarians the opportunity to participate in paddle sports and fishing as a part of their daily recreation needs within minutes of leaving the house. Further afield, the Bow River Basin is a hub of outdoor recreation activities. Land-based recreation pursuits […]

Alberta River Flows – How Are They Calculated

The Alberta Rivers App displays water elevation levels and the calculated flow rate at recording stations across Alberta. How is the flow rate calculated, what is the accuracy of the recording, and how do they compare to other recording on the same watercourse?     Bottom line: The flow/discharge rates are accurate when comparing data […]

Bow River Flow Forecasts – 2022

Bow River flow release forecasts from Ghost and Bearpaw reservoirs are reported by TransAlta to the river user community from April to October. CRUA will post this data on the website each Friday from April 15 to July 15, and more frequently if condition warrant. The flow forecasts are a predicted daily average flow and are […]

Harvie Passage – Proposal for Safety Boom Modifications Denied

The conceptual design of Harvie Passage as a safe traverse of Calgary’s Bow River – Western Irrigation District Weir was first proposed in 2001. Twenty years later Harvie Passage has become a focal point in the heart of Calgary for a variety of whitewater activities for the competitive and casual paddle community. It also offers […]

CRUA – The Bow River Recreation Resource

Calgary River Users Alliance has expanded from an advocate for Calgary’s Bow and Elbow Rivers recreation access to a more encompassing Bow River Basin recreation management objective. Along with the expansion of our scope of engagement, we have divided our Resources webpage into 5 sections that form the focus of our advocacy directive. Bow River […]